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Welcome to my newsletter

A few years ago, I started sending an email to work colleagues, friends and clients about things I thought they should pay attention to. It’s not that I think people are not getting the information or the news; it’s that I think sometimes it takes slowing down, pondering consequences and really using one's imagination so we can really understand what is going on around us and how these “news” affect our daily lives.
In the past year or so, I had delegated the writing to someone in my team at Malagueta and, while he did a wonderful job of keeping track of what was going on, the truth is I miss taking the time, every now and then, to reflect upon all the change. Taking back responsibility for this, I am making sure I am really on top of things.
Also, I’ll confess, I love to get the replies.
So I am back in front of the keyboard and the blank screen. I will try and send it once a month, if I can manage, twice. I hope you enjoy it. 

If you feel like you have something to add or if you don’t want to get this anymore, please do let me know.